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YAMAMURA Photonics' GTMS technology creates UV-LED for semiconductor UV device. Glass windows are directly attached on the metal shell without any glue for low profile and high power packaging. 
The flat design of glass LID makes low profile packaging. Various AR coating on glass surface is possible to pass dedicated wave length light. Window material can be selected from our original KC glass, Sillica glass, sapphire, etc. 

(FFKM) O-ring

ReeCos Technology Co., Ltd. provides the supreme quality products to worldwide market. Perfluoro elastomers is one of their major products. In responding to the rapid change of market demands Except for providing standard fluoro-elastomer Fluonax™ (FKM) and perfluoro-elastomers Fluomax™(FFKM) O-rings. ReeCos provide customized service as well. Such as FKM & FFKM washer, packing, seals, diaphragm valve membranes, expansion seals and metal joint. We also welcome FKM & FFKM compounds inquiries and ODM cooperation.

AlN Substrate

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a new ceramic material that excels in thermal conductivity and displays high strength, low thermal expansion, low conductivity and a low induction rate.


LTCC substrate green sheets made by Yamamura Photonics can be baked at low temperatures of 900°C or less, they feature high strength and high dimensional stability, and are used for a wide range of applications including high frequency circuit boards, automotive use, and LED substrates. This product can be offered in the color that fits the application, and the environment is considered through the elimination of any lead content.


HITACHI METALS,Ltd offers clad material that contributes to improved characteristics for semiconductor devices, PCs and DVDs, like smaller size, higher performance, higher speed, and higher cooling capability. They also provide various types of processing materials (lead pins for MPU and copper-core solder balls) with high capacity and high quality achieved through highly accurate processing technology, and lid material for use in ceramic package seals for crystal devices.

USB 3.1Cable C type

 USB is the new generation cable. The biggist transferring 10Gbps and Power Derivery may become 100W. By having using coaxial for high speed wiring, it could be a very flexible cable. From now on, it might be widely used in Laptop、Tablet、Smartphone and peripheral equipments.


YAMAMURA Photonics developed Flat window caps for semiconductor laser packaging by our GTMS technology. In 1980's. They can air-tightly seal glass/lens/crystal glass/sapphire on metal surface. The major applications of this technology are the fiber communication, laser beam printers, and others. 


Tungsten and molybdenum wire processing to stick pins, also we can supply the probe pin to be used for semiconductor inspection at the material and processing to your needs.


POREFLON® (Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer) is a porous membrane material manufactured through a unique processing technology that converts fluorinated resin, with its excellent heat-resistance and chemical characteristics, into a flexible fibrous structure. POREFLON® modules are made by incorporating POREFLON® tubes into a filtration module and they are used in various applications, such as membrane distillation, deaeration, and gas dissolution, as well as sterile filtration, clarification, and wastewater treatment.


MoistCatch™(Kyodo Printing) is a high performance material developed through technology that integrates moisture absorbing and adsorbing ingredients at a high concentration. Processing according to the specific application is possible, such as with film and molded products, and additional processing like lamination, adhesive material coating, and heat sealing, etc., is available as well.

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